P.R.E (Pure Raza Espanola)

The Pura Raza Española is a Spanish horse, a breeding which has been strictly controlled since 1912. Only stallions and mares that have been registered in the stud book of the Spanish Ministry of Defense were permitted. In 2007 the administration of the Stud Book for PRE`s was moved from under the Spanish Army and is now the responsibility of ANCCE. Their versatility and good nature make the PRE ideal for the “high art” of dressage.

The PREs, commonly also called “Andalusians” are extremely intelligent and reliable, and have an excellent memory. This means that the training period is quite short, but it also demands a high level of care. Riders particularly appreciate the combination of its fiery temperament and excellent mental balance.

Andalusian horses are elegant and strongly built. Members of the breed have heads of medium length, with a straight or slightly convex profile.  The coat is traditionally grey, but also often seen as a dun, bay or black.