Equipe Luis Valença

High School Dressage, Dance on the Piano, Garrocha, Iberian Quadrille

The reputation of the legendary Portuguese riding master and grand master of the Portuguese School of the Art of Riding precedes him worldwide. Chef d’equipe Luis Valença has devoted his life entirely to the training of Lusitano horses and unusual riding talents.

Accomplished in classical riding, he showcases all facets of high school dressage together with his daughters Filipa and Sofia and his thoroughbred stallions. Irrespective of whether they are being led or ridden, Valença’s horses have mastered to perfection various riding styles including Iberian Quadrille and Garrocha, which will be reflected in their riders’ brilliant skills.

Kirk Douglas visited Luis Valença twice in 1986 to gain inspiration from the horses for his book “The Gift.” Both Queen Elizabeth II and the late President Ronald Reagan were impressed by his art of riding.