APASSIONATA tests U.S. market with a positive response

APASSIONATA, Europe’s most successful entertainment show with horses, tested a potential market entry in the United States. For three show weekends more than 30,000 spectators were inspired by the magical encounters between man and horse. At this time we believe it does not make economic sense to play more cities.

Peter Massine (47), producer: "In major markets the two- and four-legged stars were celebrated with standing ovations. The audience spared no efforts to cheer for every scene. This proves that our show concept works well even for the highly competitive U.S. market. Also the extremely positive response underlines our ambitions."

Now is the time to review our strategic direction and positioning of the concept. "We need to adjust the communication concept to the conditions of the market, which differ extremely from the European market which we have known well for years. Every state in the United States needs to be seen as a market on its own. After analyzing the differences precisely, we will play a complete tour in North America, to touch the people emotionally like here in Europe."

"Our intentions in the U.S. run independently on its own and will not affect the European business", said Massine. In November 2012 APASSIONATA will return in Europe with its huge jubilee show "10 years APASSIONATA - Friends Forever"

For the past ten years, APASSIONATA counts as one of the most successful entertainment show all over Europe. More than 5.5 million spectators in 12 countries have witnessed the magical live encounters between man and horse. The last tour "Together ForeverT has been finished with a very pleasing result of 500,000 spectators.

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