Opening 5th November 2017


Experience APASSIONATA as close and spectacular as never before!

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Venture on a journey to the legendary land of EQUILA, where humans and horses celebrate their friendship. Be amazed and inspired by the most beautiful horse breeds, by fascinating riding performances, acrobatics and dancing, by music created especially for EQUILA and a revolutionary light show. State-of-the-art technology for the best sound and spectacular projections lets you plunge right into the world of EQUILA. Experience the unprecedented bond between humans and horses in the land of EQUILA with all its secrets and adventures, and become part of the show yourself. It's an unforgettable experience for adults, children and the entire family at the SHOWPALAST MÜNCHEN that was built especially for the show. Let yourself be inspired! Come and visit EQUILA!

A great friendship

Artistry and magic – szenes full of poetry


With EQUILA, APASSIONATA is presenting a new dimension of horse shows, developed especially for the new SHOWPALAST MÜNCHEN. Venture on a journey to the mythical land of EQUILA, where humans and horses have always lived in harmony. This enchanting world is the setting for a highly emotional plot that will fascinate visitors of all ages: EQUILA tells the story of the great friendship between a young man named Phero and his horse.
The two companions want to take part in the annual tournament of the best riders in the country. First, however, they need to travel the legendary land of EQUILA to reach the summit of heroes. On their way, they experience breathtaking adventures. Before he is ready to face the great challenge in the arena at home, Phero not only learns from the country's most talented riders, but also from beautiful Amara.