European Tour 2019/2020

Legende der Wüste

CAVALLUNA – Legende der Wüste (Legend of the desert)


Following the great success of “World of fantasy”, Creative Director Klaus Hillebrecht invites the audience to an unforgettable journey through the Orient with CAVALLUNA - presented by Apassionata World GmbH. 

Join us into the “Legende der Wüste” (Legend of the desert) and look forward to the new show of Apassionata World GmbH, responsible for the successful show “World of fantasy”! The beautiful Princess Samira has to be a crowned queen. However, these plans are crossed by her evil cousin Abdul. A spectacular adventure between good and evil begins. Accompanied by a wild horse, the princess must unravel the mystery of the fabled Amazons of the Elements and learn to maintain the balance between them. Will Samira be able to accomplish the centuries-old mission in time and save everything dear to her?

“CAVALLUNA – Legende der Wüste” (Legend of the desert) is a fantastic symbiosis of riding, acrobatics, dance and music, and people and animals working together in absolute harmony. Look forward to unforgettable scenes and beautiful horses - live in 34 cities all over Europe starting October 2019.