European Tour 2018/2019

World of Fantasy

CAVALLUNA – World of Fantasy


Following the great success of “Companions of Light”, Creative Director Klaus Hillebrecht invites the audience to a world where wishes and fantasies become reality with the new show of CAVALLUNA - presented by Apassionata World GmbH. 

Pferdeshow - "Welt der Fantasie" - © Apassionata World GmbH

Join us into the “World of Fantasy” and look forward to the new show of Apassionata World GmbH, responsible for the successful show “Companions of Light”! The young Tahin manages to escape from his everyday life into a world in which all his desires and fantasies finally come true. He meets the beautiful Naia, who he to be with in his real world, too. But it takes a lot to accomplish this difficult task: Tahin needs to learn to trust in fate to make his wishes come true. Will he succeed in finding happiness in the errors between the two worlds?

“CAVALLUNA – World of Fantasy” is a fantastic symbiosis of riding, acrobatics, dance and music, and people and animals working together in absolute harmony. Look forward to unforgettable scenes and beautiful horses - live in 34 cities all over Europe starting October 2018.