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The Apassionata World GmbH stands for magical encounters between man and horse. From a 15-year tradition of successful shows for the whole family emerged the popular European tour CAVALLUNA and the SHOWPALAST MUNICH with the surrounding EQUILALAND.

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As the producer of the successful shows such as "APASSIONATA - Companions of Light", "APASSIONATA - Cinema of Dreams", "APASSIONATA - Under the Mirror's Spell" and "EQUILA", the company set a milestone in the entertainment industry. As a total work of art full of fascinating details the programs of the Apassionata World GmbH enchant every viewer in their own way: The variety of enthralling action, perfect harmony and funny surprise moments reaches young and old and captivates an audience from all over Europe. CAVALLUNA, the new show sensation, continues this successfull development.

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as of Autumn 2018 in 34 cities


Showpalast Munich





*As a result of a shareholder dispute Apassionata World GmbH, whose employees, artists and horses have built the 15 year success of horse shows known under the brand "Apassionata" is no longer entitled to perform shows with horses under that brand name. We promote our shows under the new brand "CAVALLUNA". The company Apassionata World GmbH is not connected in any way, shape or form with the current license holder of the "Apassionata" brand.