APASSIONATA - The company

Over the years, APASSIONATA has inspired an audience of more than seven million people, setting a milestone in the entertainment industry. Learn more about the success story of the spectacular horse show.

A success story with four-legged stars

APASSIONATA stands for magical encounters between humans and horses. For 15 years this unique show has inspired people from all over Europe. The show is all about the harmony between humans and animals, combined with wonderful music, spectacular light effects, opulent costumes and great choreographies – family entertainment at its best. APASSIONATA creates its own world that carries you away and gives you a glimpse into the vast expanse of fantasy and beauty.

The idea behind this unique show was developed in 2001. It was born from the conviction that horses are far more fascinating for humans than was once assumed from traditional riding events. The show’s aim is to present different horse breeds and riding styles from all over Europe, and the many traditions this involves, to a wide audience. APASSIONATA has always offered a combination of the world’s most beautiful horses, a great variety of riding disciplines, music composed especially for the show and lovingly told stories – a total work of art and an unforgettable experience. People of all ages feel the magical connection between the humans and horses. 

Sehen Sie mit der Stallführung, wie die Pferde während der APASSIONATA-Show im Stall untergebracht sind

APASSIONATA was founded in 2002 and went on tour for the first time in 2003. The show’s concept quickly became one of the most successful formats in live entertainment in Europe. As a family entertainment show with horses, APASSIONATA outperforms the competition – from Helsinki to Vienna, from Amsterdam to Prague. In 2010 the European tour received the PRG Live Entertainment Award as “Show of the Year”.

Today, APASSIONATA has inspired more than seven million people across Europe, with 500,000 more visitors each year. With more than 700,00 sold records and 16 gold and platinum awards by the German Phono Academy, APASSIONATA is also breaking world records when it comes to show music.

APASSIONATA’s tour concept will be rounded off by a spectacular venue: The APASSIONATA World in Munich with a show palace created especially for the show offers an entirely new dimension of entertainment that will fascinate long-term fans, local culture buffs and tourists alike. There will also be an exciting APASSIONATA theme park to discover along with the theatre.

In the following European countries the APASSIONATA Europa-Tour has already been experienced:

Great Britain