The idea for this unique show concept was born out of the conviction that horses can exert far more fascination on people than was previously the case at classical equestrian events. Different horse breeds and riding styles from all over Europe - and thus the diversity of their traditions - were to be presented to a broad audience.

Riding traditions in Europe

These are still the core of the shows from Apassionata World GmbH today: Whether classical dressage from Portugal, the spirited and traditional Spanish riding style, American Western riding or the spectacular Hungarian Post - these and many other disciplines are interwoven and supplemented by many other elements and effects to create a show format that invites you to marvel and dream.

Cooperation and trust over many years

A large part of the equestrian teams have been an integral part of the show concept since its inception and it is impossible to imagine the Apassionata World GmbH shows without them. The teams around Luis Valença and Filipe Fernandes from Portugal, Sebastián Fernández from Spain, Erik Hasta Luego and Sylvie Willms from France or Bartolo Messina and the Giona family from Italy have made the shows what they are for many years.

As the organiser of successful shows such as APASSIONATA - "Companions of the Light", APASSIONATA - "Cinema of Dreams" and APASSIONATA - "Under the Mirror’s Spell", Apassionata World GmbH looks back on productions that have enchanted and thrilled people all over Europe. With CAVALLUNA - "World of Fantasy", this successful series was continued and the European tour 2019/2020 CAVALLUNA - "Legend of the Desert" also picks up seamlessly where it left off.