As a synthesis of the arts full of fascinating details, the programmes of Apassionata World GmbH enchant every spectator in their own unique way: The interplay of equestrian and dance art as well as acrobatic elements creates pure fascination. In particular, the staging of the most diverse breeds of horses in interaction with the traditional riding styles of the world is unique.

This is only possible if the love for the animals is also lived behind the scenes. The fair and professional treatment of the horse as a partner is therefore at the centre of the show. After all, the beautiful animals are the heart of the show and the reason why the concept is still able to inspire people of all ages after many years.

As the organiser of successful shows with horses, Apassionata World GmbH has a responsibility of which all participants are always aware and which everyone must always live up to. The following statutes are binding for all:


Apassionata World GmbH stands for unforgettable and unique entertainment and therefore combines the highest level of know-how and professionalism in dealing with horses.

The harmonious and trusting cooperation between humans and horses is staged in an inimitable way and also applies to the interaction of all participants with their animals outside of the show.

Each team member treats the animals involved in the show with love, care and respect.

Apassionata World GmbH employs the best show riders in Europe and lives up to this quality standard.

All employees of Apassionata World GmbH are also committed to the following principles and see them as the basis of their actions:

The well-being of the horse, its physical and mental health, comes first at every moment.

The goal of all training and work with horses at Apassionata World GmbH is the greatest possible harmony between human and animal.

All work in partnership between man and horse is done on a voluntary basis and is free from coercion.

Every participant respects the horse he is dealing with as if it were his own.

The horses are the focus of the company, their well-being is at the centre of everything we do.

The aforementioned points are based on the ethical principles of the German Equestrian Federation and the standards set by Apassionata World GmbH itself in dealing with horses.